Pictures made with the Nikkor 1.2/55 mm.


As stated in the other chapters this lens is the right instrument for available light photography. Below you'll find some pictures (random selection of 40 years of photography) made with this lens to demonstrate the excellent and minor qualities of this very nice lens. Most pictures below were made with Nikon FM2 and Nikon F3 on Kodak Gold 200 and scanned with Nikon Coolscan IV ED.


Available light photography with full open aperture (NCN editors' meeting 2001)


Scan of a snap shot with high shutter speed and shallow DOF (Laura, Gryon, Switzerland, 1994)


Scan of low contrast & low light image (Zagorsk, Russia 1993)

Zagorsk, Russia 1993.

Indoor available light photography (Black Friar's Pub, London, UK 1989)





More to come !!