Technical specifications

of all versions of the Nikkor 1.2/55mm.



Apart from a few minor improvements the optical formula (shown above) hasn't been changed during the entire production period. Those minor improvements took place at #220001 & #350011 (see below).

Technical data

Focal length: 55 mm.
Aperture: 1.2 - 1.4 - 2 - 2.8 - 4 - 5.6 - 8 - 11 - 16
Picture angle: 43° diagonal; 36° horizontal; 24° vertical
Distance: 0.6 metre/2 feet - infinity. Note:- 0.5 metre/1.64 feet (types V and VI only)
Image size at min. distance: 21.6 x 32.4 mm.
Lens construction: 7 elements in 5 groups
Dimensions: diameter: 73.5 mm.; length: 58.3mm.; filter ring-mount: 49.5 mm. (types II-IV)
diameter: 72 mm.; length: 61 mm.; filter ring-mount: 49.5 mm. (types V and VI)
Coating: first Nikkor with single coating on all lens-to-air-surfaces: from 1972 a multi-layer coating was used.
Attachment size: screw-in diameter: 52 mm. (pitch = 0.75 mm.)
Filter size and lens hood: 52 mm.; HS-3, HS-7, HN-6, HR-2
Serial numbering: on all types a 6-digit number preceded by No. (types II and III only)
Weight: Approx. 420 Gramm

This lens is a Gaussian-I construction, where (seen from the front) the second and third element and the fourth and the fifth element are kitted. Save the rear lens , which is a biconvex lens, all others are concave-convex lenses. On both sides of the aperture blades one finds the negative elements in opposite position, both covered by positive elements. This Gauss-I construction makes it possible to design a fast lens with a focal length of 50-55 mm. The inventor of this design is the German scientist Karl F. Gauss (1777-1855 ). All early lenses were coated with a single layer. Nikon states that the S.C-lens (from #250011) was its first lens ever featuring a multi-layer coating on all lens-to-air surfaces. Other Nikkors, like the 1.4/35 mm. and 2/28 mm. followed in the same production year.

As mentioned above there were three minor alterations of the optical formula of this lens. In the page above you'll find a cross section of the lens, showing the optical formula. Below you'll find the various dimensions

Dimensions / serial numbers 970111 - 21999 220001 - 240533 350011 - 426000
H - F' 38.7 38.7 38.9
F - front 0.8 0.5 2.0
Front - rear 55.2 55.2 53.2
H' - H 17.9 17.6 18.0
F - F' 93.1 93.4 92.0
H' - F' 55.5 55.5 55.0

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