IX-Nikkor lenses

for APS - SLR cameras


Nikon produced 5 zoom lenses (no prime lenses!) for the two Nikon Pronea APS single lens reflex cameras: the Nikon Pronea 6i/600i and Nikon Pronea S. These lenses have been designed for those two cameras in particular. Due to this design these lenses can't be used on other cameras, although they have the famous F-mount. At the rear of all lenses the rear element(s) are protruding causing damage to the mount of a non-Pronea camera.

Unfortunately most lens parts of the IX-Nikkors, even some ´glass´ elements, are made from plastic. These lenses are not made for tough handling, so be careful. The focusing distance isn´t shown on the lens body. Some lenses were made in Japan, some not. Interesting facts for collectors, as the cameras and lenses can be found on the secondhand market for relatively low prices.


IX-Zoom-Nikkor 3.5-5.6/20-60mm. black & silver (both)

the all-plastic IX-Nikkor with its protruding back making it impossible to mount on 35mm. & digital SLR´s

This wide-angle zoom lens - introduced in 1996 - with a 35mm-equivalent viewing angle of 25-75 mm. has an optical construction of 9 elements in 7 groups, can be focused down to 35 mm. and weights in at 170 gram. This lens takes 52 mm. filters. The best hood is the HN-1.


IX-Zoom-Nikkor 3.5-5.6/24-70mm. black

This lens can be seen as the standard zoom lens for both Pronea cameras. It was introduced in 1996, has 7 individual elements, can be focused down to 35 cm., weights in at 170 gram and take 52 mm. filters. Hood HN-2 would be the best.


IX-Zoom-Nikkor 4-5.6/30-60mm. silver

This very light (95 gram) lens was supplied - from September 1998 - with the Pronea S as ´standard´ lens. It has an optical construction of 6 individual elements, can be focused down to 35 cm., takes filters with the rare size of 46 mm. and hood HN-33.


IX-Zoom-Nikkor 4-5.6/60-180mm. black


This tele-zoom lens was introduced in 1996, has 11 elements in 8 groups, focuses down to 1.2 meter, weighing in at 270 gram and may take 52 mm. filters and the hoods HN-32 and/or HB-16.


IX-Zoom-Nikkor 4.5-5.6/60-180mm. silver

This lens, in introduced in 1998, has a slightly altered optical construction. It has 10 elements in 7 groups and lost half an aperture stop at its maximum aperture. It focuses down to 1.2 meter, takes those rare 46 mm. filters and weights in at 220 gram. The best hood is the HB-16.