Nikkor-Z Macro-lenses

As for F-mount cameras Nikon also introduced macro-lenses with a Z-mount to be used on all Z-mount cameras.


NikkorZ MC 2.8/105mm. VR S-line

Early June 2021 Nikon introduced this macro-lens for FX format. It has 16 elements (including 3 ED glass elements and 1 asherical lens element) in 11 groups. Some elements received the Nano Crystal Coat and ARNO Coat; the front element has a fluorine-coating to minimise scratches and dirt. Nine rounded diaphragmblades are promising a nice bokeh. The lens can be focused down to 29 cm. The latest Vibration Reduction technics are on board as well. Filter size is 62 mm. Its weight is 630 gram and the best hood is HB-99.


Nikkor-Z MC 2,8/50 mm.

This lens was introduced early June 2021. It can beused on FX-format cameras as well as DX-format cameras. It has 10 elements (including 1 ED glass element, 1 aspherical lens and the front lens has a fluorine-coating) in 7 groups. It has 9 rounded diaphragm blades and a filter size of 46 mm. Minimum focus distance is 16 cm. Its weight is 260 gram; the best hood is the HN-41.