Nikon D850


At Nikon's 100th birthday (July 25, 2017) Nikon announced 'the development' of the Nikon D850, which was introduced on August 24, 2017. Main features of the new camera are a CMOS sensor with 45.7 Mp. enabling to shoot pictures at ISO 64 - 25,600 in 7 fps. If the optional MB-D18 power unit is mounted together with high power EN-EL18a/b batteries, the camera will shoot at 9 fps. New is also a 153 points AF-sensor and 4 UHD (3840 x 2160) full HD movie feature, including 8k time-lapse videos and slow motion. An important novelty is the silent shutter sound, welcomed by many wedding photographers. Interesting, too, is the tilting screen at the back of the camera and built-in pictbridge and bluetooth.