Nikkor-Z wide-angle lenses


Nikkor-Z 1.8/20 mm

Mid February 2020 this fast wide-angle lens was introduced. With a complex optical formula of 14 elements (incl. 3 ED and 3 Aspherical) in 11 groups this lens can be focused down to 20 cm. Filter size is 77 mm., the best hood is the HB-95. The lens weighs 505 gram.


Nikkor-Z 1.8/24 mm

Early September 2019 Nikon introduced this fast wide-angle lens, featuring an optical system of 12 elements (of which one is made of ED-glass, 4 have an aspherical shape and some received the Nano Crystal coating) in 10 groups. With 9 diaphragm blades and a fast stepping motor for swift autofocus down to 25 cm., this lens offers perfect images. Its weight is 450 gram, filter size is 72 mm.and the best hood is the Nikon HB-88.

Nikkor-Z 1.8/28 mm

to be introduced in 2021


Nikkor-Z 2.8/28 mm SE

Late June 2021 Nikon introduced this little wide angle lens together with the Nikon Z fc. Its optical formula consists of 9 elements (of which 2 are in an aspherical shape) in 8 groups, 7 aperture blades, internal focusing down to 19 cm. Filter size is 52 mm. no info about a hood.


Nikkor-Z 1.8/35 mm

Introduced in August 2018 this lens has a newly designed optical formula of 11 elements (of which 2 are made of ED-glass and 3 have an aspheric shape) in 9 groups with 9 diaphragm blades, internal focusing and some elements received the nano crystal coating. It has a stepping motor for fast internal focusing down to 82 cm. Filter size is 62 cm and weighs in at 370 gram.


Nikkor-Z 1.2/35 mm

To be introduced in 2021