Nikon action cameras


Keymission 360


Early January 2016 Nikon Corporation announced "its entry into the action camera market with the development of a lineup of action cameras...". Due to a production delay - nobody to blame for - Nikon introduced in September 2016 three new action cameras, called KeyMission. Maybe the start of a long series of interesting 'outdoor' cameras?

Latest update: Nikon announced in July 2018 that it unfortunately discontinued the production of all KeyMission cameras!


The first in this lineup is the KeyMission 360 - a wearable action camera capable of recording true 360° video in 4K UHD. This camera features an 21.14 Mp CMOS APC image sensor and VR lens combination on two opposite sides of the camera, each lens with a focal length of 1.6 mm (equiv. 8.7 mm in 35 mm photography) and images from each are combined in-camera to create a single, high-definiton 360° image. Various shooting and recording modes (incl. time lapse). 4k UHD/30p 170° wide movies can be recorded. The 200 gr. camera is waterproof to a depth of 30 meters, shockproof up to 2 meters, freezeproof down to -10° C and dustproof. With an additional waterproof case WP-AA2 you may dive to a depth of 40 meters.


Keymission 80

This cute and 75 gr. light camera features two CMOS sensors with each a VR lens. Sensor 1 on front of the camera has 12.4 Mp. and an AF-lens with a focal length 4.5 mm (equiv. 25 mm.); you'll find sensor 2 above the 4.4 inch 230k dot TFT/LCD screen; it has a 4.9 Mp. and a 1.8 mm (equiv. 22 mm) fixfocus lens for selfies. 80° images can be saved in JPEG, movies in MP4 files. Also this camera, which can be ordered in black or in silver (not in all countries), is waterproof down to 1 meter, shockproof up to 1.5 meter and freezeproof down to -10° C.


Keymission 170

This light (135 gr.) camera has a 8.3 Mp. CMOS sensor and a fixfocus VR lens (2.8/2.4 mm = equiv. to 15 mm.), which takes 170° wide images down to 40 cm. Images are stored in JPEG, 4k UHD movies in MP4. Further specifications are similar to those of the Keymission 360.