Nikon battery packs


Nikon Corporation supplied for most single lens reflex cameras (for film and digital) and for some Coolpix cameras additional power packs to increase the electric power buffer.

For the Nikon motor winders S-36 and S-250 to be used with Nikon rangefinder cameras (no-name) external battery packs (in metal or plastic with leather cover) in gray, brown and black were offered. These battery packs are identical to the battery packs for the F-36 and F-250 motor winders for the Nikon F, save their voltage: the rangefinder camera battery packs are 9 Volts, the Nikon F battery packs are 12 Volts.

The Nikon DB-series are battery packs connected to a camera or flash via a cable. The battery pack can be put into a bag or in a coat to avoid moisture or cold.

the Nikon MB-series are battery packs that can be connected to the bottom of the camera. The MB-E series and MB-CP series are for Coolpix cameras, while the MB-D series are for digital SLR cameras. and the MB-N series for the Nikon Z-cameras.

Note: Since Nikon is asking hefty prices (€/$/£ 400+) for its battery packs, other companies, like Meike (anno 2005) and Jupio (anno 2006), are offering nearly identical but very cheap battery packs (including remote control) for most D-SLR cameras. Be careful in using them, though.

Listed below are all battery packs ever made by Nikon Corporation.

Nikon DB-series (and MA-3)

Nikon DB-1 = battery pack for Nikon DS automatic aperture control unit via DM-1

Nikon DB-2 = battery pack - holding two AA batteries - for Nikon SLR cameras with a battery compartment in the bottom (Nikon F3, Nikon FM2 etc.)

Nikon DB-3 = battery pack for Nikon MF-12


Nikon DB-4 = battery pack for DX-1 viewfinder for Nikon F3AF; very rare (F. Buhrs)

Nikon DB-5 = battery pack for Nikon F-801/801s

Nikon DB-6 = battery pack for Nikon F4 (via MC-28) or Nikon F-90 (via MC-29)

Nikon MA-3 = cold weather battery pack jacket for Nikon MD-1, MD-2 and MD-3 motor drives in which you can put a MB-1 or MB-2 battery pack in stead of batteries. Connecting to the camera to be made with cable MC-2. The jacket has a cord for carrying it around your neck, shoulder or waist.


Nikon MB-series


Nikon MB-1 = battery pack for the Nikon MD-1 and MD-2 motor drive, used with the Nikon F SLR. It takes 2 MN-1 batteries or two MS-1 battery holders for 10 AA batteries!

Nikon MB-2 = battery pack holding 8 AA batteries for MD-1, MD-2 and MD-3 motor drive

Nikon MB-3 = battery pack for Nikon F-301/501 cameras, holding 4 AA batteries

Nikon MB-4 = battery pack for Nikon F-301/501 cameras, holding AAA batteries

Nikon MB-10 = battery pack with extra shutter release for Nikon F-90X holding 2 MS-11 or 4 AA batteries. Can be used with Nikon F-90 and F-801 but extra shutter release will not work!

Nikon MB-11 = battery pack for Nikon Pronea S holding 4 AA batteries

Nikon MB-15 = battery pack for Nikon F-100, holding 4 AA batteries in MS-12, or lithium batteries in MS-13 or MN-15 rechargeable batteries (recharge via MH-15)

Nikon MB-16 = battery pack for Nikon F-80 holding 4 AA batteries or 2 lithium batteries in MS-16

Nikon MB-17 = battery pack for Nikon F-65 holding 4 AA batteries

Nikon MB-18 = battery pack for Nikon F-75 / N-75 / U2

Nikon MB-20 = standard battery pack for Nikon F4 holding 4 AA batteries

Nikon MB-21 = two-piece battery pack (MB-21b is bottom, MB-21g is grip) for Nikon F4 holding 6 AA batteries

Nikon MB-22 = power pack look-a-like net adapter (via MA-4) for Nikon F4

Nikon MB-23 = battery pack for Nikon F4 holding MN-20 batteries

Nikon MB-40 = battery pack for Nikon F6

Nikon MB-100 = double battery pack for Nikon F2 High Speed.

Nikon MB-E series


Nikon MB-E 5000 = battery pack for Nikon Coolpix 5000 holding 6 AA batteries

Nikon MB-E 5700 = battery pack for Nikon Coolpix 5700 & Coolpix 8700 holding 6 AA batteries


Nikon MB-D series


Nikon MB-D 10 = battery pack for Nikon D300, Nikon D300s and Nikon D700 holding 8 AA batteries in the MS-D10 battery tray or 1 EN-EL3e/4/4a battery in the MS-D10EN tray. It has an extra shutter release, AF-ON button and both command wheels.

Nikon MB-D 11 = battery pack for Nikon D7000/7200 and D5200

Nikon MB-D 12 = battery pack for Nikon D800/D800E/D810/D810A

Nikon MB-D14 = battery pack for Nikon D600 & D610

Nikon MB-D15= battery pack for Nikon D5100 & D7100

Nikon MB-D16 = battery pack for Nikon D750

Nikon MB-D17 = battery pack for Nikon D500

Nikon MB-D18 = battery pack for Nikon D850 (to be used with EN-EL18a/b batteries)

Nikon MB-D 80 = battery pack for Nikon D80 and Nikon D90 holding 6 AA batteries or 1 or 2 EN-EL3e batteries

Nikon MB-D 100 = battery pack for Nikon D100 + extra shutter release, memo recorder and connector for remote control

Nikon MB-D 200 = battery pack (see above) for Nikon D200 holding 6 AA batteries in the MS-D200 battery tray. It has an additional shutter release and command control wheel.

Nikon MB-N10 = battery pack (power unit) for Nikon Z-6 and Nikon Z-7 cameras.

Nikon MB-N11 = battery pack for Nikon Z-6 II and Nikon Z-7 II cameras.