Nikon cables


Nikon provided all sorts of multi-core cables for its cameras, motor drives, chargers and flashes. Cable releases can be found here. Electronic cable releases, however, are listed below. Their product code is MC followed by a number.

Most flash cables have a product code SC (= system cable) followed by a number, but some cables for rangefinder equipment were/are not marked. There are two cables (in 2 length) known for connecting a BCB-1, BCB-2 and BC-3 flash to a Nikon MS, Nikon S and Nikon S2 rangefinder camera. The Nikon S2 and later cameras have a flash connector, too. For the Nikon R8 & R10 movie cameras two remote release cables were available. Nearly all Nikon SLR cameras (except early Nikkormats) and high end compact film cameras have a so called hot shoe (= accessory shoe with flash connector). Coolpix cameras in the P-series do have a hot shoe as well.

Note: Do not forget to look into the manual of the devices you are willing to connect. Use Nikon cables only!


Nikon SC-series - AE-series - SE-series - MC-series - ME-series - EA-series - BD/SF-series - EG-series - UA-series - UC-series


Nikon SC-series

SC-1 = to connect Nikon F to SB-1 flash

SC-2 = SC-1 but of 1 meter length

SC-3 = coiled SC-2

SC-4 = to connect Nikon F2 and SB-1 or SB-2 with flash-ready lamp

SC-5 = to connect SB-1 to any Nikon SLR with cable connector

SC-6 = SC-5 but of 1 meter length

SC-7 = SC-5 without thread

SC-8 = to connect SB-4 to cameras with a single flash connector (Nikkormat FT, FS etc.)

SC-9 = coiled cable to connect SU-1 (sensor for SB-5 and SB-6) to Nikon F2 and others

SC-10 = to connect SB-9 (and others with ISO-shoe) to SLR's with single hot shoe

SC-11 = 1/3 meter cable with threads on both ends to connect flash to any camera flash connector

SC-12 = TTL cable (1 meter) to connect Nikon F3 to SB-11, SB-14 and SB-140

SC-13 = to connect SU-2 to SB-11; to connect SU-3 to SB-11, SB-14 and SB-140

SC-14 = TTL cable for Nikon F3 and SB-16A and SB-21A

SC-15 = SC-11 of 1 meter length

SC-16 = 1,5 meter cable to connect SD-7 and SD-8 to SB-11 (without batteries!) and SB-14/20/22/24/25/26/27/28

SC-17 = 1,5 meter coiled TTL cable for ISO connectors ; second model with blocking pins

SC-18 = 1,5 meter extension TTL cable

SC-19 = 3 meter SC-18

SC-20 = 1,5 meter cable connecting 4/120mm Medical-Nikkor to Nikon SLR

SC-21/A = 1,5 meter cable connecting 4/120mm Medical-Nikkor to LA-2 and LD-2; SC-21A = 3 meter version

SC-22 = connecting above mentioned Medical-Nikkor with ISO shoe

SC-23 = 1,1 meter TTL cable to connect SLR with ISO shoe to SB-11, SB-14 and SB-140

SC-24 = 1,5 meter TTL cable to connect flash with ISO shoe to connect DW-20 and DW-21 (F4 viewfinder) and DW-30 and DW-31 (F5 viewfinder)

SC-25 = SC-18 or SC-19 for TTL connection of flash to D-SLR

SC-26 = 3 meter TTL cable to connect two flashes

SC-27 = 3 meter TTL cable to connect two flashes (SB-24/25/26/28/28DX/80DX/800)

SC-28 = 3 meter coiled cable for placement of SB-900/800/600/80DX/28DX/28/27/26/25/24/22 off camera.

SC-29 = 3 meter coiled cable with built-in AF-Assist Illuminator for placement of SB-900, SB-800 or SB-600 off camera.

SC-30 = TTL cable to connect SB-R200 with non i-TTL camera

SC-100 = 1,5 meter TTL cable to connect two SB-103/104 to Nikonos V or Nikonos RS

SC-101 = SC-100 for underwater changing flashes

SC-102 = similar to SC-100

SC-103 = to be used in connection to SC-101 and SC-102


Nikon AE-series

The AE-cables are made mainly to be used with the cordless battery pack, intervalometer and relay box.

AE-1 = cable with shutter release button

AE-2 = cable with female 'crocodile' clamp

AE-3 = cable with female 'crocodile' clamp and two electronic contacts and mass connector

AE-4 = cable to connect cordless battery pack and Nikon F-36 motor

AE-5 = cable with two banana plugs and female çrcodile' clamp


Nikon SE-series

SE-1 = to connect a second SB-1 to one SB-1 flash

SE-2 = 3 meter cable to connect a SB-1 to a second lamp; also usable with other flashes like SB-2, SB-3 etc.


Nikon MC-series

Most MC cables are electronic remote shutter release cables to be used on various cameras.

MC-1 = remote cable usable on MD-1 or MD-2 motor drive; first remove shutter release button from motor drive and place it on other end of cable

MC-2 = power cable to connect MA-4 to MD-2, MD-3 and Nikon F4S

MC-3 = to connect pistol grip to MD motor drives

MC-3A = to connect pistol grip to various AF-SLR's

MC-4 = remote control for various MD motor drives and/or ML-1, MW-2 and others

MC-5 = to connect MT-1 (intervalometer) and various MD motor drives

MC-6 = power cable for MF-10/MF-11 data back of Nikon F2 Data

MC-7 = to connect MD-1, MD-2 and MD-3 to external battery pack MB-1 and MB-2

MC-8 = remote control for MD-1, MD-2, MD-3, MD-4, MD-11, MD-12 and MD-15

MC-8A = remote control for Nikon F-301, F-501, F-801, F4S and F4E

MC-9 = to connect Motor Drive F-36 and Strobo-flash SB-6

MC-10 = remote control for various motor drives and AF-cameras

MC-11 = to connect AC adapter MA-4 to MD-4

MC-12 = remote control for MD-3 and later and for various AF-cameras

MC-12A = 3 meter MC-12 with lock

MC-12B = 1 meter MC-12A

MC-13 = does not exist!

MC-14 = to connect MF-4 to exposure counter

MC-15 = power cable for MF-17

MC-16 = to connect intervalometer MT-2 to Nikon F-301/501/801 and F4

MC-16A = MC-16 for MD-4

MC-17 = to connect more than one camera with motor drive (e.g. MD-4) with second camera

MC-17S = short MC-17

MC-18 = to connect MW-1 to camera

MC-19 = ?

MC-20 = remote control with LCD screen and timer

MC-21/21a = extension cable for MC-20; 21a for MC-20/22/23/25/30

MC-22/22a = MC-20 with banana plug

MC-23/23a = remote control for 2 Nikon F-90, F5 or F6; 23a for Nikon D-series

MC-24 = PC connector for Nikon F4

MC-25/25a = to connect 'older' cables (MC-12A a.o.) and MT-2 to Nikon F-90, F6; 25a for Nikon D-series

MC-26 = adapter cable to connect 'older' cables (e.g. MC-20) on early motor drives/cameras

MC-27 = to connect Nikon F-90 and Sharp Organizer

MC-28 = to connect Nikon F4E to external power pack DB-6

MC-29 = to connect Nikon F-90/X to DB-6

MC-30/30a = remote control (with locking button) for Nikon F-90 and later cameras; for Nikon D300S, D3X, D4, D700 and D800

MC-31 = PC connector for Nikon F-90/X

MC-32 = power connector (with banana plugs) for Nikon F-5

MC-33 = PC (Windows) connector for Nikon F5

MC-34 = PC (MacIntosh) connector for Nikon F5

MC-35/35a = to connect GPS Unit GP-1 to digital camera (some cameras need extra cable with D-sub 9-pin connector)

MC-36/36a = multi-functional remote cord for cameras with a 10-pin remote connector (Nikon D200, D300/S, D500, D700, D800/810/850, D3/X/S, D4/S, D5, D6

MC-37 = to connect WR-1 to camera with 10-pin connector

MC-38 = to connect WR-1 to camera with accessory terminal

MC-100 = remote control for Nikonos

MC-DC1 = remote shutter release cord for Nikon D80

MC-DC2 = remote release cord (1 meter) for Nikon Coolpix A, Nikon Coolpix 7700/7800, Nikon D90, D600, D3100, D3200, D5000, D5100, D5200, D7000, D7100


Nikon ME-series

The ME-cables are to be used with the cordless battery pack.

ME-3 = cable with a 3 feet length

ME-6 = cable with 6 feet length

ME-15 = cable with 15 feet length

ME-30 = cable with 30 feet length


Nikon DM-series

DM-1 = to connect DS-1, DS-2 and DS-3 (EE automatic aperture control unit for Nikon F2) to AC-converter MA-4


Nikon EA-series

EA-1 = release cable for R8/R10

EA-2 cable to connect R8/R10 to sound recorder

EA-3 cable to connect R8/R10 to MW-1 (radio-controlled release unit) and/or to connect R8/R10 to intervalometer MT-1 and MT-2

EA-4 cable to connect R8/R10 to ML-1 (infrared transmitter/receiver)


Nikon BD- and SF-series

BD-1 = to connect BC/7 flash with Nikon F and-or Nikon F2

SF-1 = flash ready light adapter plus cable to connect SB-1 to viewfinder of Nikon F or Nikkormat


Nikon EG-series

Most EG-series cables are AV/TV cables for Coolpix and digital SLR cameras to connect the camera to a TV set or beamer. For older Coolpix cameras the cable code is EG-xxx, for later models EG-CPxx (for Coolpix cameras) and EG-Dxx (for digital SLR cameras).


Nikon UA-series

The UA product code was given to many accessories for the Nikonos cameras and flashes. Below only connecting cables are mentioned.

UA-72 = TTL flash cable to connect Nikonos V with ISO flash units (NOT for underwater!)

UA-73 = twin TTL flash cable to connect Nikon V or Nikonos RS with SB-102, SB-103 and SB-104

UA-78 = to connect SB-102 or SB-103 to Nikonos camera

UA-95 = to connect SB-103 and SB-104 to Nikonos camera

UA-96 = to connect SB-103 and SB-104 to Nikonos RS


Nikon UC-series

The UC-series cables are USB cables (USB 1 - 2.0 + 8-pin mini B) to connect a Coolpix or digital SLR camera to a PC, laptop or printer. Most cables are marked UC-Exxx.


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