Nikon battery chargers and (AC) net adapters

(including Coolstation)


Nikon equipment (cameras, flashes, motor drives, etc.) with built-in electronics is using electric power. For nearly each device Nikon provided various battery chargers and (AC/DC) net adapters. Nikon's specially made batteries requiring a special charger. When using a camera in a studio or when a camera needs to be cleaned (e.g. by lifting the mirror for a longer time) a net adapter saves batteries and one can be sure that the camera and other accessories always have enough power supply. Most chargers and net adapters can be used all over the world (110/220 Volts), save the various plugs that are used in some continents. Some chargers are made to be used in a car (12/24 Volts).

Many other manufacturers are presenting chargers and adapters that may work on relevant Nikon products. It may be clear that an original Nikon charger and/or adapter will guarantee full and safe operation, only!

Warning: Chargers and net adapters are using electric power. So be careful in using them.

Important checks are:

- Check if all cables and plugs are OK and undamaged!

- Check in which country/area you are (110 or 220 Volts network), or what network your car/truck/boat/plane (12/24 Volts) offers!

- Choose the right plug!

- Avoid wet or humid areas and hands!

- If you are not sure whether an adapter or charger will fit, check on the camera body and on the charger/adapter the electric input/output (Volts and Ampere)! Check the original manual of the device as well!

- When using a net adapter, remove all batteries from the camera. The net adapter will not charge the batteries while remaining in the camera. Do not use a net adapter during a long session; disconnect the adapter when you are not shooting.


Most Nikon chargers have a code starting with MH and most net adapters have a code starting with EH.

(Below chargers and net adapters for film and digital Nikon cameras will be listed only. Be aware of the fact that Nikon did not supply a net adapter for all its cameras; check the manual of your camera. Chargers and net adapters for flash lights, movie and video cameras are not listed here. Most of the latter devices are a combined charger and net adapter, that comes with that particular camera.)

Battery chargers


AC-D5 = for BP-D5 battery for Nikon-Fujix series

AC-D56 = for 2 x BP-D56 batteries for Nikon E2, Nikon E3 and Nikon-Fujix series

DH-1 = for DN-1 battery of the Nikon F2 automatic aperture control unit.

DS-60 = for Coolpix 600

EH-1 = for EN1 battery for the Nikon E2-series and Fujifilm equivalents

EH-2 = EH-1 outside the USA and Canada

EH-3 = for EN-3 battery for Nikon E3/E3s and for MN-15 battery for Nikon F100

EH-7p = for EN-EL15/a batteries for Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7

MH-1 = for MN-1 battery for the MB-1 battery pack used for motor drive MD1 and MD-2

MH-2 = for MN-2 battery of the Nikon F3

MH-2a = quick charger for MN-2 battery

MH-15 = for MN-15 battery for the MB-15 battery pack for the Nikon F-100

MH-16 = for EN-4 battery of the Nikon D1-series

MH-17 = car charger (12V) for EN-4 battery of the Nikon D1-series

MH-18 = for EN-EL3 battery for the Nikon D100

MH-18a = for EN-EL-3e battery for the Nikon D200, D300, D700, D50, D90

MH-19 = multi-charger (110/220V and 12/24V) for EN-EL-3/3a/3e, EN-EL-4, EN-3, MN-15 and MN-30 batteries

MH-20 = for MN-20 battery for the MB-23 for Nikon F4S

MH-21 = for EN-EL4 battery for Nikon D2-series and Nikon F6

MH-22 = for 2 x EN-EL4/a batteries for Nikon D3-series

MH-23 = for EN-EL9/a battery

MH-24 = for EN-EL14 battery for Coolpix P7000, P7100, P7700/7800, Nikon D3xxx-series, D5xxx-series and Nikon Df

MH-25 = for EN-EL-15 battery for Nikon D7xxx-series, NikonD600, NikonD610, Nikon D750, Nikon D800/E/A, D810/A

MH-25a = for Nikon D850 and Nikon D5

MH-26 = for 2 x EN-EL18 batteries

MH-26a = for EN-EL 18/a

MH-26aAK = adapter kit to use EN-EL4/a on MH-26a

MH-27 = for EN-EL20

MH-28 = for EN-EL21

MH-29 = for EN-EL20a

MH-30 = for MN-30 battery for Nikon F5

MH-31 = for EN-EL24

MH-32 = for EN-EL 25

MH-50 = for EN-EL1 battery

MH-52 = for EN-EL1

MH-53 = for EN-EL1

MH-53c = car charger for EN-EL1

MH-56 = for EN-EL 7 for Coolpix 8400/8800

MH-60 = for EN-EL2

MH-61 = for EN-EL5

MH-62 = for EN-EL8

MH-63 = for EN-EL10 for Coolpix S200, S510, S700

MH-64 = for EN-EL 11 for Coolpix S550 and S560

MH-65 = for EN-EL12 for e.g. Coolpix S1000pj, S1100pj, S6000, S6100, S620, S630, S710, S8000, S8100, S9300

MH-65A = for Coolpix L610

MH-66 = for Coolpix S3100 and S4100

MH-67 = for EN-EL 23

MH-70 = for 2 AA-batteries

MH-71 = for 2 AA-batteries

MH-72 = for 2 AA-batteries

MH-73 = for 2 sets of 2 AA-batteries

SH-1 = NC battery charger for Nikon Speedlight SB-1

QS-10D = for BP-60 battery for Nikon QV-1000C



Net adapters

Note: when using a net adapter, remove all batteries from your camera!!

SA-1 = for Nikon SB-1+ SE-1

SA-2 = for Nikon SB-2 and SB-3

LA-1 = for Nikon SR-2, SM-2 and Medical-Nikkor 5.6/200 mm.

LA-2 = for Nikon SB-21A and SB-21B and Medical-Nikkor 4/120 mm.

ES-1 = for Nikon Fujix and Nikon E2-series

EH-4 = for Nikon E3 and Nikon D1-series

EH-5 = for Nikon D100, D50, D300

EH-5a = for Nikon D700, D7000, D90

EH-5b = for Nikon D800/800E, Coolpix P7700 and Nikon Df (power connector EP-5A required)

EH-5c / EH-5b (+ EP-5B) = for Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7

EH-6 = for Nikon D2-series, Nikon D3-series and Nikon D200

EH-6a = this charger was developed to be in accordance with California's Appliance Efficiency Regulations. The EH-6a will replace the EH-6.

EH-6b = for Nikon D4 and (+ EP-6) for Nikon D5

EH-6c = for Nikon D6

EH-10 = for the Coolpix 300 (110/120 Volts)

EH-10E = for the Coolpix 300 (220/240 Volts)

EH-10A = for the Coolpix 300 (Australia only)

EH-21 = charger + adapter for Coolpix 775, 880, 885, 995, 5000, 5400, 5700

EH-30 = for Coolpix 700, 800, 950

EH-31 = for Coolpix 700, 800, 900, 990, 995 (and if not too long Coolpix 300)

EH-52 = for Coolpix 600, 700

EH-53 = for Coolpix 2500, 3500, 2000, 4300, 4500

EH-54 = for Nikon D2-series, Coolpix 8400, 8800

EH-55 = same as EH-53

EH-60 = for Coolpix 2500, 3500

EH-61 = for Coolpix 2100, 3100, SQ

EH-62 A + B = for Coolpix 2200, 3200, 4100, 7600

EH 62 D = for Coolpix S200, S210, S220, S230, S3000, S4000, S510, S5100, S520, S600, S700, S80

EH-62 E = for Coolpix S550, S560

EH-62 F = for Coolpix S1000pj, S1100pj, S6000, S620, S630, S640, S70, S710, S800

EH-62G = for Coolpix S3100 and S4100

EH-63 = for Coolpix S52, S60, S610, S610c

EH-64 = for Coolpix S5, S6

EH-65 = for Coolpix L-series

EH-66 = for Coolpix P6000

EH-67 = for Coolpix L100, L110

EH-68 = for Coolpix P100, S3000, S4000, S8000, S640, S70, S80, S8000, S8100

EH-68P = for Coolpix P100, S3000, S4000, S6000, S640, S70, S80, S8000, S8100

EH-69P = for Coolpix P300, P310, P500, P510, S800c, S3100, S4100, S6100, S9100, S9300, S01

EH-70p = for Coolpix S02, S32, S2700, S2750, S2800, S2900, S3400, S3500, S3600, S3700, S5200, S6500, S6600, S9400, S9500, P530

EH-71p = for Coolpix S33, S5300, S6800, S6900, S7000, S6800, S6900, S9600, S9700, S9900, S810c, AW120, AW130, P340, P600, P610, P900

EH-72p = for Coolpix A100

EH-73p = for Coolpix A300, A900, B700, Keymission 80/170/360, Coolpix DL-series and W100

MA-1 (12 Volts) = for the Motor Drives for the Nikon F

MA-2 (15 Volts) = for the Motor Drives for the Nikon F / Nikon F2

MA-4 = for MD-1, MD-2 and (via MC-2) for DS-1, Ds-2, DS-12 and (via MC-11) for MD-3 and MD-4




Coolstation MV-15 (front)

Coolstation MV-15 (back)

For some Coolpix cameras in the S-series Nikon produced the so called Coolstation; a cradle or docking station including a battery charger.

MV-10 = for Coolpix SQ

MV-11 = for Coolpix S1 and S3

MV-12 = for Coolpix S2

MV-14 = for Coolpix S5, S7 and S8

MV-15 = for Coolpix S6