Information about this site

In 2001 Nico van Dijk started to collect information about the products Nikon Corporation has made since 1917, since Nikon Corporation had no site with information on its history and/or products. In those days Nico was editor-in-chief of the Nikon Club Nederland Magazine. For over 50 years he has used many Nikon cameras, lenses and many other photographic products and published several books about Nikon. In 2007 he has set up a simple web site with information on Nikon products. Frequently updated, his site gives information on nearly everything Nikon has ever made. In more than 200 chapters, illustrated with over 2000 images he makes this info freely accessible to everyone without charging a cent.

Some half a million visitors have bookmarked his site. Over 27 % of them are living in the USA, 33.5 % in Europe, 16 % in Asia, 3 % in Canada and 3 % in South-America, 2 % in Australia and New-Zealand. Every day he receives many questions about Nikon products and about repairs.

When taking over, the buyer will get full copyright of the entire text and all images produced by Nico van Dijk and seen in this site. The buyer may use that text and/or parts of it for publishing in any way or kind. The buyer has to pay a fair amount for goodwill and for the work Nico has put in this site over the last 12 years. Payments by bank transfer only. The entire content (approx. 500 Mb) will be handed over in htm and jpeg digitally. The URL of this web site is not for sale. The buyer may choose his/her own URL. That new URL will be mentioned (for free) on Nico's web site for several months as a guide to the new URL.

Serious offers are accepted, clowns will be banned for life.