Nikon converter lenses

for Nikkorex and Nikon Coolpix cameras


Coolpix 5000 + UR-E6 + TC-E3ED

Since Nikon Corporation introduced the Nikkorex camera series in 1960, it offers optional converter lenses (Nikkorex-Wide and Nikkorex-Tele) to be mounted on the non-exchangeable Nikkor lenses. And for the Nikon Coolpix cameras, started with the Coolpix 800, converter lenses (FC - WC - TC) are offered. Most of the latter will need an adapter (UR-Exx) for proper operation. With those lenses the focal length of the built-in lens can be altered.


Nikkorex-Wide and Nikkorex-Tele

For the Nikkorex cameras, fitted with a Nikkor 2.5/50mm., Nikon offered a Nikkorex-Wide 5.6/38 mm. converter lens. This wide-angle converter lens offers a wider (38 mm.) perspective and can be focused down to 36 cm. The Nikkorex-Tele 5.6/90 mm. (see above) can be focused down to 69 mm. Both lenses can be mounted on the camera lens by screwing them on the front thread; their filter thread is 69 mm. For the Nikkorex cameras, fitted with a Nikkor 2/48 mm. the Nikkor 4/35 mm. and the Nikkor 4/85 mm. were offered. Their features are identical to the Nikkorex converter lenses.


Coolpix converter lenses

Since the introduction of the Coolpix 800 in 1999 Nikon offers a nice range of converter lenses. Their product code FC, WC, WM or/and TC are indicating their purpose and performance. The FC converter lens is a fish-eye lens, the WC/WM lens is a wide-angle lens and the TC lens is a tele-lens. Some of them can be mounted directly into the filter thread of the Coolpix camera, most of them - however - need an additional adapter, marked with UR-Exx. Using Aperture Priority (A) mode on your Coolpix camera (if possible), thus closing the original camera lens to a smaller aperture, may not improve image quality (DOF) very much. The converter lenses do not have a diaphragm at all. So do not expect very sharp and non-distorted images, but the combination Coolpix camera + converter lens may save you a lot of money and is easier to handle! Below the lenses and their adapters that were available up to April 2014. It was not possible to obtain full technical details of all lenses. The letters ED in the name are indicating that one or more elements are made of ED-glass.

BUT: Most converter lenses may fit on various Coolpix cameras, but they will perform differently. A WC- or TC-converter may not give the same viewing angle on e.g. a Coolpix 5000 and a Coolpix 4300. It all depends on the standard lens of each Coolpix camera. Look into the menu of your Coolpix camera and - if available - chose the relevant converter setting. Most cameras will automatically set the camera lens in the best position. Do not use the zoom facility as the front element of your camera lens may hit the rear element of the converter. If you want to try to use these converters on a camera without the mentioned converter setting, lock the camera lens at infinity and mount the converter with a decent step-up/down-ring.

Coolpix 4300 + UR-E4 + UR-E7 + WC-E68


Nikon FC-E8

Fish-eye converter lens (5 elements in 4 groups) for Nikon Coolpix 800, 900-series and 4300/4500 and all other cameras with a filter thread of 28 mm. For other Coolpix cameras (like the CP5000 and later) an additional adapter is needed. In most cases a Nikon UR-E6 will do, but better check the manual of your camera. You also have to check the menu of your camera whether a certain lens position is needed. This converter lens will change the standard lens into a fish-eye lens with a viewing angle of 183°. On most cameras the closest focusing distance is 5 cm.


Nikon FC-E9

This fish-eye converter lens (6 elements in 4 groups) - having a filter thread of 46 mm. - will fit a Coolpix 5400 (UR-E10 is needed) and a Coolpix 5700 (UR-E12). It will also fit the Coolpix 8400 (+ UR-E-16), 8700 (+ UR-E12) and 8800 (+ UR-E-18). On the Coolpix 5700 a viewing angle of 190° is possible.


Nikon WC-E24

This converter lens (two individual elements) changes most Coolpix lenses into a wide-angle lens equaling a 25 mm. wide-angle lens in 35mm.-photography. It may fit the Coolpix 900-series and the Coolpix 4300 and 4500. Closest focusing distance is 12 cm.


Nikon WC-E63

This converter lens (four individual elements) offers an 86° viewing angle (equaling a 24 mm. lens) when mounted directly on a Coolpix 885 (UR-E4 required), 990, 995, 4300 (UR-E4 required) and 4500. Closest focusing distance is 12 cm.


Nikon WC-E67

This converter lens was introduced for the Coolpix P5000 and P5100, offering a 0.67 x magnification. To mount the lens a Nikon UR-E20 is needed.


Nikon WC-E68

This converter lens (3 individual elements) offers a wide-angle view, equaling up to a 19 mm. super wide-angle lens (in 35 mm. photography). It will fit the Nikon Coolpix 885, 4300, 4500, 5000. Closest focusing distance is 3cm.


Nikon WC-E75

This converter lens can be used on the Nikon Coolpix 8400, which has already a very wide viewing angle (24 mm. equiv.); it makes the standard lens a super wide angle lens, equaling an 18 mm. lens.


Nikon WC-E75A

This converter (three individual elements) is meant for the Nikon Coolpix 7000 and 7100; the adapter UR-E22 is needed. The converter offers a 0.75 x magnification, which will result in a viewing angle equivalent to a 19 mm. wide-angle lens for 35mm. photography.


Nikon WC-E76

When attaching the Nikon UR-E21 adapter this converter lens can be used on the Nikon P6000, offering a 0.76 x magnification.


Nikon WC-E80

A simple (2 individual elements) but very sharp converter lens for the Coolpix 5700 (UR-E8 is required), which will 'widen' your view by 0.8x up to the equivalent of a 28mm.-wide-angle lens.


Nikon WM-E80

This converter lens consists of just one element! Internal reflection will be zero! It offers a 0.8 magnification, when mounted directly on a Nikon Coolpix 8800; thus offering a viewing angle equal to that of a 28 mm.-lens.


Nikon TC-E2

Now we come to the tele-converter lenses. The TC-E2 consists of 4 elements in 3 groups and can be used on the Coolpix 885 (UR-E4 required), directly on the Coolpix 900-series, the Coolpix 4300 (+ UR-E4), directly on the Coolpix 4500 and on the Coolpix 5000 when using the UR-E6 adapter. Focusing is possible on most cameras down to 110 cm.


Nikon TC-E3ED

The picture on top of this page shows you a Coolpix 5000 with a TC-E3ED. This very nice converter lens has an optical design of 6 elements (of which 2 are of ED-glass) in 3 groups, which will triple the focal length of the camera lens in use. It will fit many Coolpix cameras, such as the Coolpix 885 (+ UR-E4), the Coolpix 900-series directly, the Coolpix 4500 (+ UR-E4), the Coolpix 5000 (+ UR-E6), the Coolpix 8400 (+ UR-E15) and the Coolpix P5000 and 5100 (both + UR-E20). Focusing is possible down to 1.50 meter.


Nikon TC-3PF

A phase fresnel lens as part of an optical design of 6 elements in 3 groups makes this converter lens a very special tele-lens for various Coolpix cameras (from CP 8400+). This fresnel (explained in the lens chapter) makes it possible to produce a shorter (18 %) and lighter (33 %) than the above mentioned TC-E3ED lens. It will triple the focal length of your camera lens.


Nikon TC-15ED

This converter lens (4 elements in 2 groups) will magnify the focal length of your camera lens by 1.5 x. It can be used on the Nikon Coolpix 5400 (+ UR-E9), the Coolpix 5700 (+ UR-E8) and the Coolpix 8700 (+ UR-E8).


Nikon TC-17ED

This converter lens offers a 1.7 x magnification of the camera lens in use. It has an optical design of 5 elements (of which 2 are made of ED-glass) in three groups. The converter can be used on the Nikon Coolpix 5700 (+ UR-E19), the Coolpix 8700 (+ UR-E19) and the Coolpix 8800 (+ UR-E17).