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Nico van Dijk

Most pictures, shown in this web site, have been made by Nico van Dijk and Jan Prinsen, both using various Nikon film and digital cameras and Nikkor lenses. Most table-top photography has been made possible by Peter Rothengatter's Studio, Utrecht, and by Robert Scheers' Studio, The Hague, Holland. Contributions to some images have been made by Bas van Dijk, Max Pfeifle and Frans Buhrs, all working with Nikon film and digital equipment. For safety reasons the names of the owners of collectibles are not made public.

Nico van Dijk has been a semi-professional photographer for nearly 50 years. He illustrated many books and (co-)produced various movies/documentaries. He has been teacher on several colleges and universities in Europe and Asia, too. Many products listed in this site have been used by Nico personally.

Since August 2021 no updates were uploaded!


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