Nikon lens hoods*

For nearly all lenses Nikon Corporation produced, it supplied one or more hoods. Some lenses like fish-eye lenses and long tele lenses have a built-in hood. Nikon gave its hoods a product code, although the very first didn't had a name or number. Unfortunately Nikon asked an extra amount of money when buying a lens and requesting for the appropriate hood. It seems however that Nikon Corporation changed that policy recently.


Some of the hoods Nippon Kogaku K.K. alias Nikon Corporation supplied!


*Hoods made for LCD screens and Coolpix cameras are not listed here!


For hoods for Nikkor lenses made for Nikon rangefinder cameras see relevant chapter.

above a rather rare hood for the RF-Nikkor 2.1cm/4


Hoods for early SLR lenses (see above) were engraved with an open F & Nikkor and the focal length in cm. or mm. + the maximum aperture. Later Nikon used a variety of codes, which are abbreviations of Japanese and/or English words indicating the type of hood.

The abbreviations Nikon uses are:

H = 'hood' (in English), but also 'hiyoke' (in Japanese)

click on the code below to see the entire list of hoods.


HR = hood + rubber

HS = hood + snap-on

HN = hood + 'nejikomi' = screw (in Japanese)

HK = hood + 'kabuse' = slip-on (in Japanese)

HB = hood + bayonet

HE = hood + extension

HH = hood + hood

HN-E & HN-CP = hoods made for most Coolpix cameras - check the manual of your camera to find out whether a hood is available!


Most hoods are made to fit Nikkor lenses with a screw thread of 52 mm. But for lenses with a larger front lens hoods were made too; as you will see. For some lenses more than one hood were/are offered.


The most expensive Nikon hood of all times !