Nikon lens hoods

For nearly all lenses Nikon Corporation produced, it supplied one or more hoods. Some lenses like fish-eye lenses and long tele lenses have a built-in hood. Nikon gave its hoods a product code, although the very first didn't had a name or number. Unfortunately Nikon asked an extra amount of money when buying a lens and requesting for the appropriate hood. It seems however that Nikon Corporation changed that policy recently.


Above some of the hoods Nippon Kogaku K.K. alias Nikon Corporation supplied!



For hoods for Nikkor lenses made for Nikon rangefinder cameras see relevant chapter.

above a rather rare hood for the RF-Nikkor 2.1cm/4


Hoods for early SLR lenses (see above) were engraved with an open F & Nikkor and the focal length in cm. or mm. + the maximum aperture. Later Nikon used a variety of codes, which are abbreviations of Japanese and/or English words indicating the type of hood.

The abbreviations Nikon uses are:

H = 'hood' (in English), but also 'hiyoke' (in Japanese)

click on the code below to see the entire list of hoods.


HR = hood + rubber

HS = hood + snap-on

HN = hood + 'nejikomi' = screw (in Japanese)

HK = hood + 'kabuse' = slip-on (in Japanese)

HB = hood + bayonet

HE = hood + extension

HH = hood + hood

HL = hood for LCD screen


Note: Most hoods are made to fit Nikkor lenses with a screw thread of 52 mm. But for lenses with a larger front lens hoods were made too; as you will see. For some lenses more than one hood were/are offered.


The most expensive Nikon hood of all times !