Matrix of Nikkor lenses to be used on professional

Nikon SLR film cameras


Important note:

In principle all Nikkor lenses (including teleconverters, macro-rings and bellows) with an F-mount (as listed below) can be mounted on any Nikon SLR (35mm. film, APS and digital), but autofocus, vibration reduction and some exposure and flash programs will not work. Not all cameras do have an AI-tab (see picture) or have all necessary electronic contacts. Before mounting a lens, converter, macro-ring or bellows, check the manual of your camera.

Exposure meter and autofocus (of whatever camera!) will not work if a lens (or lens-converter combo) is used with an effective aperture of f/5.6 or smaller!

the little metal tab can be lifted when pressing the button to its right (Nikon F4) before mounting non-AI Nikkors etc.





AI/S Series-E








Nikon F

yes yes / no no no no no no no only lenses with fork

Nikon F2

yes yes / F2A/S only yes MF MF MF MF no depends on viewfinder

Nikon F3

yes* yes yes MF MF MF MF no  

Nikon F3 AF

yes* yes MF MF MF MF MF no AF-Nikkors (80 & 200mm.) only

Nikon F4

yes* yes MF yes** yes** yes MF yes*** no VR

Nikon F5

yes* yes MF yes yes yes yes yes AI-tab is optional

Nikon F6

no yes (A&M only) MF yes yes yes yes yes  

*AI-tab should be lifted - stop down metering only;

** exposure metering in M, A and P = OK, in S max. aperture ring should be locked;

*** exposure metering in S and P = OK, in M and A camera will switch to P;

+ AF-G lenses have no aperture ring

Note: IX-Nikkors, CX-Nikkors, RF-Nikkors, Z-Nikkors and Nikonos lenses cannot be mounted on above cameras.