Nikon D 780

Early January 2020 Nikon introduced the successor of the Nikon 750, although the new Nikon D 780 also inherited some features of the Nikon D8xx-series. The improved SLR has a 24.5 Mp sensor, able to offer sensibilities of ISO 100 up to 51,200 ! Above (or under) that you can choose ISO 50 and 2 steps above 51,200. The new Exceed6 processor can master 7 fps in 14 bits RAW at shutter speeds of 1/8000th up to as long as 900 seconds (= Nikon D800A feature). The camera offers hybrid AF and eye-point AF with 51 AF-points. 4K UHD video with stereo sound is possible as well. The LCD screen at the back is a tilting touch screen.

See for more info the matrix.