Nikon D80



In August 2006 Nikon introduced this nice camera, which may be seen as the successor of the D70/S. It has a 10.2 Mp. sensor and many other hardware and software to be find in other Nikon digital reflex cameras. The image processing software can be found in the Nikon D200 and Nikon D2X, the color matrix metering also in the Nikon D50 and the 11 area auto focus is similar to that in the Nikon D200. In other words a modern digital reflex for those with a limited budget. The camera is a bit smaller and lighter than the Nikon D70. Despite the excellent performance of this camera Nikon issued a firmware upgrade A-1.11 and B-1.11. At the web site of the Nikon importer or representation you'll find the details. Be sure you are upgrading your camera with BOTH firmware upgrades. If you do so be careful that during this procedure power isn't interrupted.

If you do not know what firmware version your camera has, have a look in the setup menu under 'firmware version'.

Technical specifications can be found in this matrix.