Nikon D90


In August 2008 Nikon surprised the world with a digital SLR camera featuring common programs (P, S, A & M) but as an addition - and that's very new - the possibility to shoot movies at 24 frames per second via life view in reasonable high (HD720p = 1280x720) )resolution! Nikon introduced this camera as the world's first SLR enabling to shoot movies. Sony has done the same, although that camera is a digital rangefinder camera! When shooting movies the mirror has to be lifted and the AF-sensor, measuring through the lens, can't do its work, so autofocus and some other programs are not available during shooting. Live-view however is possible, enabling the photographer/filmer to focus manually. The camera is also featuring scene recognition system, including face detection. The D90 has a DX-format CMOS-sensor with 12.3 effective Mp. All AF-Nikkors are supported except IX-Nikkors. The lay-out of the camera comes close to that of the other digital SLR cameras, made by Nikon.

See for technical specifications this matrix.