Nikon Df

To proof that Nikon is listening to dedicated photographers, Nikon Corporation introduced early November 2013 a sturdy digital single lens reflex (SLR) camera, based on the design of the Nikon FM/FE/FA series. Many years many photographers all over the world asked for a simple but reliable Nikon FM3a look-a-like SLR with featuring the most important facilities.

The Nikon Df - available in chrome and black - has the outlook of the popular Nikon FM/FE/FA series. A magnesium alloy body with a fixed eye-level pentaprism (showing 100 % of an image) and the famous F-mount. The latter making it possible to use all those millions of Nikkor lenses, of which Nikon is so proud of. Yes, even non-AI lenses can be used, as the F-mount has a collapsible AI-coupling lever!! The CAM4800 autofocus sensor module (with 39 focus points; used in the Nikon D610) allows the use of lenses with a maximum aperture up to f/8.

The new camera has a 36 x 23,9 mm. (FX) CMOS sensor with 16,2 Mp. (used in the Nikon D4, too), enabling the photographer to capture images in NEF (14-bit), TIFF, JPEG and NEF+JPG combined on SD and UHS-1 compliant SDHC and SDXC memory cards.

On top of the camera the almost forgotten dials (save a tiny screen for aperture and shutter speed) for setting a.o. shutter speed, shutter release modus, ISO setting (100 - 12,800), bracketing and live view. Making movies isn't possible with this camera as it is designed for photographers, only. The shutter is electronically controlled and can be set via the dial at 4 - 1/4,000 sec., via the menu from 30 - 1/4,000 sec. with a flash sync of 1/200 sec. It may run at a maximum of 5,5 frames per second. Shutter release modus are S (single), CL (continuous low), CH (continuous high), Q (quiet release), self timer and MUP (mirror lock up). The built-in exposure meter has a 2,016 pixel RGB sensor with a sensitivity of 0 - 20 EV. Images can be controlled at the 3.2 inch (8 cm) 921k-dot TFT-LCD screen at the back of the camera.

The camera uses EN-EL 14a batteries or the EH-5b AC adapter. The body weights in at 710 gram without batteries and lenses.

At its introduction the new Nikon Df camera was offered in a set with a new (but based on the latest version of the) AF-S Nikkor 1.8/50 mm. G (special edition). Its ridiculous price, however, has created quite a stir! € 3,000.-- in Europe and $ 2,750.-- in the USA. as per introduction.

Serial numbers of the Nikon Df chrome version start at #8xxxxxx; the black version at #2xxxxxx