Nikon Copy / Repro Stands


In the mid 1950's Nikon already offered repro or copy stands for the Nikkor standard lenses (5 cm.), Micro-Nikkor 3.5/5cm. and the Nikon S and Nikon S2 rangefinder cameras.


Nikon S

(courtesy Brian Asack)

The Nikon S copy unit was made (early 1954) for Nikon rangefinder cameras, featuring a set of 5 plastic frames corresponding to repro-ratio of 1:1 to 1:4, 3 extension tubes, an anti-reflection ring and some focusing eyepieces. Usable lenses are the Nikkor 1.4/5 cm., Nikkor 2/5 cm. and the Micro-Nikkor 3.5/5 cm. The whole unit was offered in a hard wooden case.


Nikon SA

This repro stand (pictures above) was introduced in 1957 as an 'advanced' version of the Nikon S, offering a bellows replacing the tubes. It is also possible to mount a reflex housing.


Nikon P

Early 1955 Nikon introduced this copy unit, which was twice as expensive as the Nikon S and SA models. It was meant for permanent operation, while the two before mentioned units were (more or less) potable units. It came with a lot of accessories and a wooden case.


Nikon PA

This improved (or 'advanced') model was featuring a bellows in stead of tubes.



The following repro stands were/are offered for Nikon SLR cameras.

All repro stands consist of a wooden baseboard with a vertical metal upright to which a metal sliding arm is connected. Some of the units (C-models) have a wooden case that is used as baseboard. The sliding arm will take any camera or bellows. The T-model does not use a baseboard but can be used with a table clamp only.


Nikon PF / PFC

Introduced in the early 1960's this unit will fit the Nikon F-series - with and without a motor drive - and Nikkorex-series. These versions have 'Nippon Kogaku' engraved.


Nikon PF-2 / PFB-2 / PFC-2 / PFT-2

This improved version may take all Nikon F, Nikon F2 and Nikkormat versions, as well as their motor drives. The Nikkormat EL can only be used on later models. A wooden case (Nikon PA-1) came as an option.


Nikon PF-3

Mid 1976 Nikon introduced this - again - improved model, featuring an upright with counterweights, a double exposure unit and a special clamp for motor drives. Optional lamps may offer shadowless light. The unit included table clamp PC-3.


Nikon PF-4

This high-end unit is the best of all! It is a strong and stable copy unit, ideal for macro photography too! Any camera and/or motor drive may be connected and can be tilted by 45°. It comes with a motor drive grip PH-3, table clamp PC-3 and a double lamp unit PL-3.


Nikon table clamp PC-3 / PA-3


Both clamps were available separately. They can be used as a tripod replacement.


Nikon PL-3/A

This illumination device for the PF-3 and PF-4 has 2 lamps and came with a PF-unit.