Nikon started as an engineering-driven manufacturer of defense related equipment. Technical and optical perfection were points of departure. Cost-consiousness, public relations, after-sales care, sometimes even ergonomics, etc. were not an issue. As a photographic tool Nikon products were and are the best on the market. Of course, some products were a real flop; mainly because of the use of disappointing materials.

You cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs!

In this site those articles/items are indicated as such. In some chapters proofs of performance are given for explanatory reasons. Comparison tests between Nikon products and those of competitors may be interesting exercises as long as basic requirements are met. Buying a Nikon product is - however - choosing for a system. For a system of tools. This site tries to help you to choose the right tools you need - within a certain budget - to fulfil your expectations. In photography Nikon will give you satisfaction. If you have passed through this site, you'll know why!


Testing cameras, lenses and photographic accessories of their optical performance and/or mechanical reliability and durability, special tools and knowledge are a prerequisite. Testing procedures should be standardized for comparison reasons. Longer field tests of more than one (identical) product/item may gain more insight into the quality of a product than a brief observation of just one specimen.

"Journalists" that are testing cameras, lenses and other photographic equipment are often biased, as - although they are experienced in photography - they may have a great liking for a certain brand and/or item. Then there are the corrupt testers, that may get the-to-be-tested object (or something else) for free (plugging) and - thus - adulating that particular item, factory or brand. In many websites, discussion forums, magazines, newspapers, sitcoms, documentaries, etc. on cars, hifi equipment, photography, gastronomy, tourism and other human pleasures 'journalists' are expressing prejudiced opinions, as they are afraid of loosing contact with (and privileges of) a producer/manufacturer, even if they were writing a well-founded review. Many serious journalists weren't invited anymore for an introduction session, because the public relations officer (PRO) or spin doctor in charge didn't like the tone of the last review. "Media is the message" is still used by most PRO's. Publishers are more and more victim of 'economic/commercial censorship'. Revenues from advertisements and an increasing circulation or (website) hits/visits prevail objectivity.

And there are the unmentionable preferences! Why is someone going for a BMW, Rolex, Leica, etc.? Thousands of dissertations - worldwide - have been produced on these themes!

The author of this web site is a well-experienced photographer using for nearly 50 years photographic equipment of various manufacturers. He has never been (and isn't) contracted or committed to any producer, manufacturer, importer or dealer of whatever product. In the past he joined many press presentations - worldwide - at various institutions, factories, ministries etc. and gathered a load of inside information of advertisement and public relations agencies in order to be able to put something or someone into perspective. He even worked many years as a public relations officer, but left that profession, because his 'freedom of speech' was on stake and his function was more and more 'politicized' and corrupted. To see things in their proper context is one of the pre-conditions to assess something objectively/impartially. A spin doctor will never be able/allowed to do so!

This website is financed entirely by Nico van Dijk. Many photographers and collectors provided him with images of rare Nikon gear. The mainspring of creating and maintaining this website is giving information, not chasing money.



Nico van Dijk.