Nikon monopods & tripods & grips


Nikon produced various accessories for its cameras and lenses. Tripods are unknown, however. A little monopod is known, but it is not sure whether this was produced to be used for cameras.

A Coolpix 4500 mounted on a rather rare Nikon monopod with adjustable support.


Only on the top 'Nikon' is engraved.


Nikon Keymission tripod

Below a Nikon mini-tripod for the Keymission 360 camera. Does it look like the Manfrotto 482? Yes it does!


Tripod - and other adapters

To place various Coolpix and Keymission cameras on a tripod or clamp Nikon offered various adapters with the AA-code:

AA-1A : tripod adapter with ball head for all caemras with ISO connector

AA-1B : tripod adapter with ball head

AA-3 : curved base mount for Keymission

AA-4 : holder for Keymission 80

AA-5 : camera holder for helmet

AA-6 : arm clamp

AA-7 : handlebars clamp

AA-8 : body harness for various cameras

AA-9 : clamp for surf board

AA-10 : backpack mount clip

AA-11 : suction cup mount

AA-12 : Keymission base mount

AA-13 : Wrist band for remote control

AA-14 : Lens protector for Keymission cameras


Nikon Grips

The first grip Nikon offered for its Nikon F and later cameras was the socalled Pistol Grip. Two versions exist of which the second version is the best. Both grips can be fastened at the bottom of a camera/motor drive or of a lens via the central screw. Via the Nikon MC-3 cable you can connect the (second version) grip to various cameras and motor drives, as long as they have the 3-pole connector (see picture). The Nikon MC-3A cable enables you to connect the grip to various AF-SLR cameras. Via the AR-6 release cable you can use the (first version) grip with cameras without an electronic connector, thus directly to the shutter release button.

In the early 1980's Nikon introduced several straps for its SLR cameras, giving them the code AH (= hand straps). Most leather or textile camera straps have the code AN (neck straps). As there are so many of them - in various shapes - they are not listed here. Most of the textile straps had/have the camera code printed or woven on them. That looks good but everybody can see which devices you are carrying.


Nikon AH-1 is a leather strap with metal plate to be screwed under a motorized Nikon F or Nikon F2.

Nikon AH-2 is a strong metal plate to be screwed under a camera or motor drive body. Especially for those bodies that do not have a tripod connector in the middle of their base plate.



Nikon AH-3 is a similar base plate for the Nikon MD-4 motor drive. It can also be used on the Nikon MD-11, MD-12, MD-15 and various Nikon SLR cameras with a tripod connector out of the center on their base plate. You may chose out of three positions and you take out the inner-thread to mount it on a wider tripod screw.

Nikon AH-4 is a leather strap to be connected to the tripod connector of a camera body and one of the strap lugs of that body.

Nikon AH-5 is a little tripod spacer (block) to be placed between a tripod head and a camera body or lens.


The Nikon GR-N1000 is a grip to be screwed under the Nikon 1V1-series camera; his 'brother' Nikon GR-N2000 will fit the Nikon 1J1-series. The GR-N1010 is for the Nikon 1V3, the GR-N2100 is for the Nikon 1J3 and S1, while the GR-N6000 will fit the Nikon AW1.