underwater housings


Above a very rare underwater housing, made for the Nikon rangefinder cameras. Only a few have been traced; they probably were ordered on special request.

Nikon did not produce underwater housings for its single lens reflex cameras, apparently because the Nikonos series - produced from 1963 till 1996 - was very popular and offered many SLR features. Other manufacturers, like Ikelite and Sea&Sea, were and still are offering decent underwater housings for several rangefinder and single lens reflex cameras.

However, Nikon started to produce and offer special underwater housings for some of its Coolpix cameras. Since January 2004 the underwater housings, named Nikon WP-CPx. All underwater housings, mentioned below, have more or less the same shape, are made of sturdy plastics and are guaranteed for use at depths of 40 meters or 130 feet.

It is clear that not all camera settings can be changed while underwater. Check and set the desired program before diving into the see or lake. Clean the closed body after the dive thoroughly with fresh water.

Nikon WP-CP1 for the Coolpix 2200, Coolpix 3200 and Coolpix 4100.


Similar housings were/are offered as

Nikon WP-CP2 for the Coolpix 4200 and Coolpix 5200


Nikon WP-CP3 for the Coolpix 4600 and Coolpix 5600


Nikon WP-CP4 for the Coolpix 5900 and Coolpix 7900


Nikon WP-CP5 for the Coolpix S1 and Coolpix S3


In Summer 2012 Nikon introduced an underwater housing - Nikon WP-N1 - for the Nikon 1-Series. Followed by the WP-N2 in January 2013. All models plus a mounted CX-Zoom-Nikkor 10-30mm. (and all prime lenses) can be placed into these sturdy non-floating housing. For more info see relevant chapter.

Mid September 2016 Nikon introduced the Nikon WP-AA2 underwater housing for the Nikon Keymission 360 camera. With this case one can dive down to a 40 meter depth.