Nikkormat/Nikomat repair & maintenance


How to remove the top of a mechanical Nikkormat step by step


But first: use the right tools and take your time!

And: Nikkormat & Nikomat bodies are identical! Mechanical Nikkormats are the FT, FS, FT-N, FT-2 and FT-3 models.


Place the camera body (no lens or other accessory should be mounted) with the back towards yourself and take a rubber stop to unscrew (counterclockwise) the plate on top of the film advance lever. After you have removed that plate the next step is to unscrew the ring under it.


Use the right tools and hold the advance lever as it may turn and cock the shutter. The first turn of the ring will cock the shutter, which does no harm


These are the four parts which (hopefully-:) remain when you have removed the lever


Open the back and put a screw driver into the grip of the rewind crank, after that turn the rewind knob counterclockwise to unscrew it.


This is what remains after this step. When assembling this part see that the little ring comes first and than the larger ring where the lid should fit under the axis of the rewind lever.


Remove this ring carefully without scratching the body top


In front of the camera the name plate should be removed. The aperture mechanism will come free for cleaning and/or repair.

After unscrewing one screw at the right side of the top plate the top can be removed.

At the front you'll see the aperture mechanism. On the left the film advance crank, to the right is the film counter, the penta-prisma and the right little square plate houses the exposure meter needle. The rubber might get dry and need to be removed and renewed. At the far right are the two flash contacts (in the picture the blue wire is broken).

To put everything back in order take all steps in reverse order. Be aware that the wires are not obstructed and that the little plate on the film advance lever can be broken easily when too much force is used. Take care for the rewind knob, too. If too much force is used the little axis will break.

Enjoy your cleaning and repair session!

No liability for mistakes, damages, divorces or injuries!