Nikkor standard rangefinder lens repair

(with kind assistance of Kirk Chao)


Most Nikkor lenses for Nikon rangefinder cameras are easy to open to remove dust or clean aperture blades and other elements inside the lens. Use a rubber or cork stop to screw off rings and front or rear elements, but don't touch the center of a lens element.

Above you'll see that if you remove the front chrome ring (here of a Nikkor 1.4/5cm) the front lens group will come off. If you want to remove or open the front lens group you'll have to remove the black name ring. If you look closely, you may find a few digits of your serial number scratched onto the side of the lens group.

Turn the rear half around, unscrew the black knurled ring and lift the bayonet ring. Here, too, the last four digits of the serial number are scratched into the lens assembly.

Loosen the three black set screws on the side of the aperture ring. Slide off the aperture ring and remove the split ring. Here are the rear assembly components. Note that the rear lens group has not been removed from the tube and it's not immediately clear how to separate it to get at the rear of the shutter blades. Perhaps that will be the next project....
Clean everything thoroughly, and lightly lubricate rubbing surfaces with a good grease or oil. Reassemble in reverse order.