Nikon Z-series

mirrorless digital cameras


Late August 2018 Nikon Corporation announced a fully new camera system or system camera: Two newly developed digital cameras without a mirror (like the SLR cameras have). The advantage of a mirrorless camera, but fitted with an electronic viewfinder (EVF), is that your view through the viewfinder will not be interrupted and the AF-sensor and exposure meter in the camera will not be interrupted as well. The digital viewfinder may give you a permanent bright(er) view of an image directly from the sensor.

The first two new cameras were baptized as Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7. Without any doubt Nikon will introduce more mirrorless cameras in near future. With the introduction of these new cameras Nikon introduced also a new lens mount: Z-mount. This mount is a bit wider (55 mm) than the famous 60 year old F-mount (46 mm). The new lenses will be reviewed here. The new Nikon-Z cameras have a built-in 5-axes vibration reduction (also working with older MF- and AF-lenses via the Nikon FTZ mount adapter) and the new Exceed 6 processor. They have a single slot for the very fast XQD memory cards.

The most interesting novelty of these two first Nikon Z cameras is the ability of focus stacking, with which you can extend depth of field (DOF) and sharpness!


Nikon Z-5

To be introduced in 2019


Nikon Z-6

This camera was introduced in August 2018 featuring a CMOS 24.5 Mp. sensor with a sensitivity of ISO 100-51200, a hybrid AF-system (phase- and contrast detection) with 273 AF-points. It also has a 3.2 inch/8 cm. tilting LCD monitor with 2.100k dots. And of course the newly developed Z-mount. Since it lacks a swinging mirror this camera is able to shoot at 12 frames per second and 4k UHD video.

Nikon Z-7

Almost identical to the Nikon Z-6 is this camera, introduced in August 2018 simultaneously. It has a sensor with 45.7 Mp., with a sensitivity of ISO 64-25.600 and 493 AF-focus points. Maximum shooting speed is 9 fps.


Nikon Z-8

To be introduced in 2019


Nikon Z-9

To be introduced in 2019


More info will be uploaded later, so stay tuned!