Nikkor-Z lenses


With the introduction of the Nikon-Z mirrorless camera late August 2018 Nikon introduced a new range of lenses, designed for these new cameras. The most interesting novelty of the lenses is the new lens mount, called Z-mount. (BTW: the Z should be pronounced as ZEE). The old F-mount, introduced in 1959 probably did not match the needs of the new series of Z-mount lenses aka Nikkor-Z. The wider (55 mm.) mount makes it possible to produce lenses with a larger rear lens and is giving more space to electronic contacts. Also the flange focal distance (distance between the lens mount and sensor) is shorter with a mere 16 mm. The F-mount cameras have a flange focal distance of 46.5 mm. Unfortunately these Z-lenses cannot be used on any other Nikon camera but Nikon-Z series.

An adapter (Nikon FTZ, see above), offered by Nikon, makes it possible to use all other (non-Z) Nikkors on the Nikkor-Z series cameras (FX + DX). Only AF-S-Nikkors - however - are fully compatible (AF and VR will function), all other AF- and MF Nikkors only in manual focus.

Note 1: Nikon introduced some lenses below as the S-Line, and some without this indication.

Note 2: Nikon is working on a wide range of Z-lenses to be introduced in near future, so stay tuned for updates.


Nikkor-Z lenses in FX-format

fish-eye lenses

wide-angle lenses

standard lenses

portrait lenses

short tele lenses

long tele lenses

wide-angle zoom lenses

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Nikon-Z lenses in DX-format