Nikon D7200


Nikon Corporation continuously improved (or call it: upgraded) its popular D7xxx-series by introducing the Nikon D7200. Since September 2010 the Nikon D7000 was relatively successful, followed by the improved Nikon D7100 in February 2013. Two years later, in March 2015, the very sophisticated Nikon D7200 was put on the market.

Although announced as a 36.3 Mp. camera it has a DX CMOS-sensor with 24.2 Mp. The sensor can be cleaned internally. ISO settings are enlarged from 100 to 25,600 with the possibility to push them to a theoretical 102,400 ! The shutter runs from 30 sec. up to 1/8000 sec. including a faster flash sync (1/250 sec.) and an extended buffer capacity achieving continuous shooting up to 100 shots (JPEG fine/Large) at 6 fps.

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