Nikon digital cameras

Clockwise: Nikon D300, Nikon D2X, Nikon 1V1, Nikon S01

Below you may find technical specifications, pictures and reviews of all digital cameras ever made by

Nikon Corporation

(If you are puzzled by all those bits, bytes, chips, pixels & dots read this first)

Note: Many digital camera bodies (like many film cameras) are covered with rubber(ized) covers, which may get sticky when getting older. Some components in the rubber are deteriorating, which cannot be stopped! Replacements are hard to get. Some cameras can be saved by placing them, without a lens, memory card and battery, in a freezer for some 40 minutes. After you've thawn out the camera the sticky cover isn't sticky anymore!.

Selection of technical specifications and reviews are limited since some camera manuals have 400+ pages.


History of digital photography / imaging


Nikon digital compact cameras (Coolpix)


Nikon digital single lens reflex cameras


Nikon-Z mirrorless digital cameras


Nikon 1-Series digital rangefinder cameras


Nikon Action cameras


Nikon special digital cameras


All about digital memory cards


Nikon software

(including firmware upgrades)